Friday, November 23, 2007

Dewald Thanksgiving 2008

This year's Seamonster Thanksgiving was totally fun with 7 seamonsters sharing Thanksgiving dinner and 9 seamonsters sharing drinks and dessert. We all got a little goofy on beer and heaping plates of outrageousness, and Meghan passed out again, after a full day at work in the kitchen, waking up to find all the food put away and the house quiet. Well, sort of quiet. Highpoints include EVERYTHING - mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash-apple-cheese gorgeous, turkey, sweet potato-apricot amazingness, rolls, salad, brussel sprout-fennel, a complete line up of delicious drinks, including Meghan's homemade wild grape nectar, and of course, PIES!

Many of us were way too full to fully enjoy pies, but Greg and I did manage to save pie-shaped wedges of stomach space ("pie holes" if you will) in which we delicately slid multiple pieces of pie each.

Meghan won the day with 3 pies, including these two dueling apple pies. One had Dutch heirlooms (on the left) and the other had French heirlooms (on the right). I went for the French, and the pie was perfect.

The pie line up also included a pumpkin pudding pie by Greg which was a little runny this year but absolutely the sweetest tasting thing imaginable. Meghan rounded out the pie bar with a Japanese squash pie, which was unbelievably good with a subtle flavor and great texture and beautiful sheen.

And what's for breakfast? Pie, of course! And for lunch? Apple-squash-cheese gorgeousness and turkey sandwiches!
Thank you, Meghan, Gahlord, JT, Rachel, Rachel, Greg, Tanner and JB! Thank you, farmers and bringers of food! Thank you, plants and animals! Thank you soil, rocks, wind and water! Joy to all!

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