Emily Hilliard making pie
Photo by Morgan Hungerford West

"A lot of talk about pies focuses on Grandma's favorite recipe or a pie that won a blue ribbon at some county or state fair. It's about the past. In her prettily photographed and smartly written Nothing in the House, Emily Hilliard gives us lots of brilliant ideas, both sweet and savory, like Chocolate Orange Pie with Mascarpone Cream and Buffalo Chicken Fried Pies, that nod to the past but prove that the pie category has lots of room to grow."   
-The Kitchn, Homie Award Best Sweets & Baking Blog Finalist, 2014

"Emily manages to keep that sense of humility alive in her blog, editorially, graphically, and in her tastes in food, even as she creates what is really an exceptionally rich blog, rooted in lots of local and historical color yet with a keen feel for what appeals to modern tastes."

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