Monday, March 03, 2008

Dede's Savory Pies

Jamie just sent me this e-mail about his latest great pie experience...

oh man
we made the best savory pies the other day!!
my friends build a "brick oven" outside and we cooked em up in there.
oh man

the pies were of two varieties:
and CURRY pie

both were vegan (my friend justin ruined the fun for the rest of us)
but were so tasty that i couldn't fault him this night for his overly
ascetic habits.
one pie picture should be included with this email, but more are
available at

hope all is sweet and savory with you!


a subsequent e-mail added more detail...

crust used a product called "BUTTERY STICKS." it might have been made by earth balance. can't remember though. the crusts were actually excellent. the innards were, potatoes, carrots, onions, seitan, garlic, green onions, for both, and the seasoning was adjusted to render each either "AMERICAN" or "CURRY." a pie in my eye!

(Pie Enjoyment Zone)

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