Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Announcing the Nothing-in-The-House Great Obama Sweet Potato Pie (Presidential) Contest!

Obama: "A lot of people have been saying they can make sweet potato pie"

At a recent rally in Philly, we learned that Obama LOVES pie (and loves saying the word 'pie'), especially sweet potato.

In celebration of this exciting news, the pie-lovers at Nothing-In-The-House are sponsoring the Great Obama Sweet Potato Pie (Presidential) Contest!

We encourage you to host an Obama Sweet Potato Pie Party in your respective city, sometime between now and the election! Bake a sweet potato pie (with an Obama crust design preferred!), eat some pie, and get out the vote by calling/knocking on voters' doors in your area (for lists of folks to call and ways to volunteer, check out the Obama website). You could also hold a bake sale for Obama! Take some pictures of your event, and we'll put together an Obama sweet potato pie collage on the pie blog.

And if you've got a sweet potato pie recipe that could rival Michelle Obama's mama's, please share it here!


Mandy F said...

Ok so I don't eat sweet potatoes no more but I was thinking I could make a pumpkin pie in the vein of sweet potato with a crazy buttery barley crust and I'd write on the top something awesome like "That ones for that one" or "OPIEMA"
Ok I'm an idiot.

emily said...


emily said...

also, obama choses coconut creme pie as his second choice... i happen to know you do love some coconut, mrs. d!

Anonymous said...

Emily, swing by APT for a look at my first pie! It was tons of fun to make and even more fun to give away.

Our pie making team made an impression on the 5-0 lus volunteers at Obama headquarters. Could have been the mid day party vibe, but I like to think it was the pie.

sd said...

dang. i totally made an opiema for our dallas bike crew and forgot to take a picture before we ate it!

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