Monday, November 10, 2008

I Made Two Pies... For Obama

The night before the election
With nerves running high
While my peeps worked the phone banks

I made these two pies:

The first is a pumpkin
Which was lacking in flavor
Not enough maple syrup
or spices to savor

The second looked sloppy
But tasted appley and sweet
An American classic
That like Obama, can't be beat.

We ate them together
On Tuesday night
We are all one people
One nation, that's right!


emily said...

who needs a circular pie
when you've got a rectangle
your pies taste delicious
even when the crust you finagle

andiscandis said...

Hey, I made that quilt!

Dudes. I just made an *amazing* vegan punkin pie. I'm sending la receta to Mandy D. ASAP.

PS- My word verification is lessecon, which is exactly how you'd say lexicon if you had already drunk two glasses of wine.

emily said...

ha! you got a pic-o-that pie? send it on over!

Gillian said...

is that jess smith?!

emily said...

Hmm...I don't believe so...

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