Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Drone Pie

In December I saw Greg, Zach, and Ben in the Baltimore> D.C. leg of the Sun Circle/Bird Show tour.
For the D.C. show at the Lighthouse, the group house of my friend Layne (who always offers a pre-show potluck), I made a drone pie. It was another Bosch pear and cranberry, similar to the Welcome to Maine Pie we made for Artie, but was slightly sweeter, had a lot of ginger, and a half whole-wheat pastry/half all-purpose flour crust. The parabolas of crust around the lettering are meant to represent a sine wave.

We injested the drone (pie) after Echolalia and before Kokomo (who gave me a sweet tape in exchange for baking!) played, and it was gone by the time Sun Circle/Bird Show blew drones/dance tranced it out.

It was so nice to see these pals, even for a short while, and enter the PEZ with friends old and new, just like old times!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics, lovely pie. Sounds like a good ass time.

Things are good in Maine. I want to give you mad love for hooking me up with the GRE support program. Took it today. Locked down a solid score and am all smiles.

This is my thank you song...

Combination and permutations
My former situation
Purify with Sun Salutations
Eyes closed getting quiet
Sweep the clutter mind
Third eye open
Gettin transcendental
W2 Bring the Invisible Dread Shakin
Freestyle Fundamentals

emily said...

way to go ward! so glad to help you rock the GRE...on with the applications!


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