Monday, March 09, 2009

Greg Makes Pie... And It's Good

On Thursday, Greg made an apple pie, following the recipe from Angelica Kitchen cookbook with a butter for oil modification. This recipe is a good one for those seeking a rustic, wheat-and-maple flavor without the cane sugar. Greg was so amazingly precise and careful with all the chopping, measuring, mixing and rolling that it took him a long time, but he enjoyed it and produced a delicious, tender and flavorful creation. His friend, Ryan, was there, hanging out while he made it. I was lucky enough to come home and see it getting put together. Even the slashes on the top look like Greg made them to me, which of course, he did.

I also made two 30 second raspberry-blueberry tarts with some of the leftover dough, heartshaped. You can tell they were me because look how sloppy they are. But they were good to taste, too!

We then brought the pie over the Meghan and Gahlord's, where we enjoyed an evening of pie, cookies, laughs and crafting.

Meghan in the PEZ

Allaire and me in the PEZ

On Friday night, Greg and I re-entered the PEZ with friends, Chris and Ryan, enjoying pie with Vanilla Coconut Bliss, a great fake ice cream product with no cane sugar and a must try for those of you who don't do dairy, soy or refined sugs or who like coconut.


emily said...

so awesome....way to go greg! i miss entering the pez with all of you, and i'm still waiting for 'coconut bliss' to hit delmarva.

emily said...

p.s. loving the new hair(dos) + fringe on mandy and allaire.

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