Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baltimore Birthday Pies

My friend Justin in Baltimore send in these birthday pie photos from our friend Anna's 30th birthday party. He said,

Here is some pie porn for you. I think Anna sent you a picture from this same occasion, her 30th birthday dinner in Baltimore. Needless to say, your pie day put us to shame, but here we have two delicious pies that are sorely missed, my savory vegetable with the birthday engraving, chickpeas, green beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, and assorted spices including fresh oregano and thyme...

as well as Bob's take on shepherd's pie featuring sweet potatoes, bleu cheese, peas, and I believe the meat was from a turkey.

Wish I could have been there! He also asked if I had a recipe for a vegan pecan pie. Anyone have a good one?


Elena said...

I've heard good things about both of these vegan pecan pie recipes, though I haven't personally made either one just yet.

This post contains a link to a Word doc of the famous recipe that was on the old PPK boards (which was adapted from the Millennium cookbook, so maybe check that out):

And here's one from cookbook author Bryanna Clark Grogan:

emily said...

Thank you Elena! We'll have to try these out.

Justin said...

Thanks, Elena! I'll report back with hopefully good results soon.

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