Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two Pi(e) Day Straggler Photos

I just got a roll of film back with some Pi(e) Day photos. Only two, actually, because I was so busy preventing the masses from slicing in to the pies before we had SUFFICIENTLY DOCUMENTED THEM (just kidding) and keeping things running smoothly all while trying to chat with old pals, meet new pals, and play music that I didn't have time to take any more. The downside of event planning, I suppose. I did have a lot of really great help though, which made it so much easier, and thank goodness Ashley volunteered to photograph and document.

ANYWAY. Here's the two photos I took. One of most of the half-eaten pie spread...

and another of some pals in the Pie (and beer) Enjoyment Zone...

Kelly, Neale, Cath, and a camera shy James.

I think that should be all of the Pi(e) Day-related posts, until next year...

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