Monday, August 29, 2011

Stone Fruit and Berry Cobbler at Sometimes

Sometimes, pre-dinner
Last Saturday I went to Sometimes, an alt dinner club/secret cafe put on by friends/friends-of-friends in Baltimore. Guests RSVP in advance and attend the fixed menu dinner, bringing their own alcohol (though some cocktails and other drinks were provided), and a suggested donation. I had been hearing about it for a while now, but wasn't able to make it until this one, which was sadly the last, at least for a while.

Stone fruit and berry cobbler in cast iron skillets

It was approximately a 10 course meal (though some were drinks, and 11-course, if you count the dance party), and each dish was quite impressive. I especially loved the coconut-poached turbot with charred green beans, and naturally, the dessert-- a lambic float with corriander ice cream, and a stone fruit and berry cobbler.

Emmanuel & Justin

The cobblers were cooked in cast-iron skillets, and judging from my piece, contained along with various stone fruits and berries, a bit of rhubarb as well. The cobbler top was the most unique part though--it was just enough sweet and surprisingly (pleasantly) quite spicy, from the addition of red pepper (?).

spicy dessert!
I'm inspired to try adding a lil' spice to a crumble top sometime soon, plus bake in iron skillets more! Thanks to Ben, Heidi, and the rest of the crew for the incredible dinner, and to Anna for inviting me.

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