Friday, September 16, 2011

Dad Blogs!: Campfire Pie Warming Shelf

My dad submitted this post about a campfire pie on a recent Wyoming camping trip...

Recently while camping at a remote mountain lake in Wyoming we were faced with a serious pie dilemma.

We had a blueberry pie that we had picked up at a local pie shop in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and were all dying to eat it but everyone in our camp, nicknamed "The J Team" (Josh, Joe, Jim, and John) by our hiking companions at Yellowstone the day before, decided that because of the cool ambient temperatures at 12,000 feet, the pie had to be warm.

Pie warming shelf

Josh, the youngest of our group at 24 and a recent St. Olaf graduate (take note all of you prospective employers looking for an environmentalist) put on his thinking cap, grabbed a big buck saw and started to work.

Jim putting the pie on the shelf

He created a pie warming shelf that we put into the campfire and we were able to warm the pie to the perfect eating temperature.

Jim in the PEZ

It also gave it a bit of a smokey flavor which was just perfect for the campfire setting.

Thanks to my dad for the post and the tip!

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