Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Apple Pie

While researching archival pie images and literature, as I am wont to do, I came across this version of a nursery rhyme A Apple Pie, estimated to be from 1870, and published by Kronheim & Company. This nursery rhyme seems to have missed me as a a child, but maybe some of you know it? Here's the illustrations, though you can see a pdf of the entire book here.

A apple pie  B bit it  C cut it  D dealt it  E eat it  F fought for it  G got it  H hid it  I (invisible?)  
J joined it  K kept it  L longed for it  M mourned for it  N nodded at it  O opened it  P peeped at it 
Q quartered it  R ran for it  S stole it  T took it  U (understated?)  V viewed it  W wanted it
XYZ& amperse and all wished for a piece in hand.

I think my favorite is the girl (Q) using the compass to exactly quarter the pie, though the baby (B) taking a bite and dogs (F...foxes?) fighting for it are also quite humorous. I also came across this edition, c. 1886/1900 (?), by Kate Greenaway. More about her classic and slightly different version coming soon...

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JAZ.ED said...

I came across that nursery rhyme in recent past, but I cannot remember where.

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