Thursday, April 19, 2012

Songs about Pie, Love, & Sugar

Do you know about the Free Music Archive (FMA)? It's an amazing audio library of free, downloadable songs, managed by perhaps the best free-form independent radio station in America, WFMU. Aside from being a great way to get turned on to new music, it's also is an excellent resource for audio producers in search of relevant audio tracks for legal use in remixes, podcasts, or radio programs.

My rad friend and audio guru David van Dokkum, who interned at WFMU and now does some work on the FMA, made this awesome mix of songs about love and sugar for Tarts by Tarts! Naturally I like the c.1916 song "Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine" and the Colin Johnco ambient track "Sweet Love" the best, but there are some other gems on there (beware of "Bake Sale," it's a little "dark"). And if you're looking for more pie-themed songs (though not necessarily free and downloadable), check out my Pie Songs page. Jam on! (Get it??)

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