Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Andy Griffith for Jello Pudding & Pie Filling

I spent so many hours of my childhood watching The Andy Griffith Show with my dad and brother. Though Lassie was my all-time favorite, I liked Opie's fishing trips with the neighborhood boys, when Andy would pick out a tune on his guitar with the Darlings, and most of all, I loved the way my dad would slap his knee and chuckle so uproariously at Deputy Barnie Fife's misadventures. I think the show reminded my dad of his family in North Carolina and sometimes when I go home, we still pop in an Andy Griffith Show DVD and watch the old episodes.

So I was sad to wake up this morning and learn this morning of Andy Griffith's passing. I remembered these old ads he did for Jell-O Pudding & Pie filling, a show sponsor; I actually thought I'd posted them long ago. But I thought it an appropriate day to share a few favorites (there's more on Youtube). I'm not sure I'll be making a pie with Jell-O anytime soon, but I am considering a Surry County Sonker, the official dessert of Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Another Carolinian, Nancie McDermott, has a fine recipe.

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