Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pie For a Passerby!

This is a story I heard on NPR while driving around with my mom back in 2002. We thought it was so funny and it fueled my then-budding interest in pies.

The story is basically about this woman who got a grant from New York's Public Art Fund(I have to think up a grant-scheme like this!) to set up a pie-making country shack on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library. She made pies for 4 hours a day and would set them on the window sill. If you asked for a pie, she wouldn't give it to you--you had to steal it.

This project also gave me the idea for my summer pie project I did last summer-- guerilla-picking urban berries(usually from the Mulberry trees all over Ann Arbor or the black raspberries in West Park) nearly everyday, making pies with them, and leaving them on the porches of my friends in the neighborhood. Usually I just gave it to them, since I didn't want anyone else or animals to steal it. If I can find a free source of wild urban berries here in Burlington, maybe I'll do it again.

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