Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pie on a Windowsill by Three Word Phrase

Pie cooling on a windowsill. I love that classic image of Americana. I've referenced it a few times on Nothing-in-the-House and its appeared in other moments in my life. It's in a lyric of 'Pie For Breakfast,' the song my friend Michelle wrote for our old 7-piece all-girl domestic noise band Home Items. It's in this "Pie Thief Hits Baltimore" shenanigans sent in by my friend and Plate-Lickers Club President, Jamie. And I had mini-pies a-cooling on the windowsill when my friends Ben and Angela made their first stop at my house in their going-away scavenger hunt. A photo from that also serves as the Nothing-in-the-House banner and logo!

So when my friend Lars posted this pie-on-the-windowsill edition of the Three Word Phrase comic, I wrote to the author Ryan to see if we could throw it up on the blog. He agreed. You may not want to do any heavy baking this weekend, let alone have the windows open, with temperatures as high as they are, but let this be an inspiration to you to set your pies out to cool on a windowsill one of these days. Or better yet, go find some a-coolin' to a neighborly way.

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