Wednesday, April 03, 2013

North Carolina Pie Eaters c. 1940s

I'm headed down to North Carolina today to give a pie lecture to my wonderful thesis advisor Dr. Marcie Cohen Ferris' foodways class, so I thought I'd share this 16mm film clip of two 1940s-era High Point, NC college students eating pie. They look pretty pleased there, in the Pie Enjoyment Zone, and perhaps a little embarrassed to be stuffing their faces on camera. Personally, I'm pretty pleased to be heading down south for a few days, to spend some time with Marcie and her class, do a little foodways research, plot out a film, play some music, hang with the gals at my favorite Chapel Hill restaurant, meet my friends' new baby(!), and if there's another time between all of that, squeeze in a visit to Scratch.

UPDATE: Apparently my grandfather attended High Point College around this time! Perhaps he knew these pie eaters.

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