Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving - It Happens

Thanksgiving at Meghan and Gahlord's this year was somewhat subdued but very homey and fun. The dinner was delicious, particularly Angela's brussel sprouts, Meghan's vegetarian gravy, Stacy's spicy stuffing and my cranberry sauce, if I say so myself!

So after lots of liquor and laying around, the pies arrived, some fresh from the oven!

Here's Meghan's pumpkin pie. I rolled out the crust on this one, so it was a little funky, but the pie itself was smooth and spicy - a classic.

Here's Meghan's apple pie. Again, I rolled out the crust, so funkiness occurred. Perfectly seasoned (with help from Ben P.B.), the apples were melt-in-your-mouth awesome.

Here's my cherry pie. Not too sweet with a doughy crust, this pie was almost not healthy-tasting! Stacy liked it.

Here's Stacy's pumpkin pie, which had an awesome flavor and gorgeous look but kinda fell flat due to underwhipped chiffon, not that anyone would've known if Stacy hadn't been so pissed about it!

Ah, lounging. It was good to see Adam and some new faces, too. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Alright, back to my cherry pie breakfast. Love, Mandy

PS Meat pies! I totally spaced. 'Hey, Mandy, got any room for meat pie in that story?'
One was a tourtière, made by J.B., which people just adored. This style of meat pie originates in Quebec, is enjoyed by people with (and without) Quebecois ancestry throughout Canada and Vermont and is usually made with ground pork and/or veal and/or beef. I believe J.B.'s pie involved venison, but I'm not sure. With a perfect flaky crust and great mix of meats and vegetables, I have no doubt this meat pie would make many a meateater's 'best of' list.

The second pie was a meaty quiche by Tanner. I am not positive what it involved, though I think it was sausage. I did note how lovely the meat and veggies looked on the top of the quiche. Yum.


Tanner M. said...

There was some awesome pies, that apple pie specially... just what i look for in an apple pie, not to sweet, a bit tart, w/ some snap left in the apples.

But i'm curious why some pies were left out of your list... was it perhaps gender biased? (JB's meat pie or my Quiche?)


i had a great afternoon, just the right amount of people for me not to feel to crowded. thanks everyone :)

Mandy F said...

Oh snap you're right, Tanner. I didn't get a shot of the meat pies. I think it's more a vegetarian bias than a gender bias.
JB's meat pie looked amazing - flakey crust with a meaty filling.
Tanner's quiche also looked great with sausage and veggies placed perfectly around the top.
If anyone has photos, post em or e-mail em to me and I'll post em! - Veggie Mandy

Mandy F said...

Ok I've updated the entry to include a blurb about the two meat pies.
I am so sorry.
Shit like this makes me feel so bad.

the le duo said...

thanks mandy! the meaty bias is understandishable. all the pies were great although I didnt get to try 'em all (I'm just one person!) and then Saturday I went up to my moms thanksgiving feast and had some of her maple syrup pie! yumtastic


Anonymous said...

looks like fun yum! see you guys soon!

love, michelle

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