Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dangerously Delicious Pies

Is this pie dangerous?! (Please excuse the quality of these phonephotos)
I was visiting Jamie in Baltimore today, and for lunch we decided to take a jaunt to Hampden (taking the "p" out of 'ronunciation) to visit Dangerously Delicious' Savory House (a business garnering lots of pie press) for lunch. Inside we found a simply decorated red-walled cafe, with lots of customers (including the cutest baby pie eater) and today's pies (quiche, savory AND sweet) posted on a huge chalkboard on the wall.

Roasted Veggie Savory Pie

Jamie ordered a slice of the steak and mushroom and I went for the one vegetarian option, roasted vegetable. The heaping slices were served warm and delicious, with a side of spinach salad. The roasted veggie featured a well-matched medley of vegetables--potatoes, onions, mushrooms and peppers, cooked to perfection with subtle seasonings. The crust was a little dry for my liking, but perhaps that's par for the course with restaurant pie baking. I forgot to ask if they use a shortening or butter crust, but I got hints of both, so perhaps it is a mix?
Roasted Veggie side view

For dessert we split a slice of the Belgian Chocolate Chess Pie (after hearing Abra sing the praises of Chess Pie, it was time to try it--if not make it-- for ourselves), which was delicate and delicious (Abra was right...though when has she been wrong about food?). I think I favor fruit pies, though, so next time it is berries or apples or peaches for me...though the White Trash Creme Brulée is pretty tempting.

Though you can't beat fresh homemade pies, Dangerously Delicious comes pretty darned close. and I most definitely will return. Looks like Jamie will too:
"But you don't have to take my word for it!"

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Unknown said...

Emily -- I won third place with Abby's Apple Cream pie -- think I need a consult with the pie bloggers, stat, to get my game back to blue ribbon form.
Love the blog! See you on Tuesday night.

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